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Why Medical Companies Are Hiring Clinical Specialists

In today’s healthcare environment, medical companies must operate differently than in the past.

In today's cost conscious healthcare environment, medical sales representatives must justify their products/services both clinically and then financially. Medical companies must also structure their sales team to optimize performance and manage overhead cost.

This is the reason why more and more medical companies are converting their current sales structure to a hybrid sales/clinical specialist sales team.

They have made a strategic decision to compliment their sales team with clinicians (i.e.: nurses, technologists, PAs, etc) to educate and support product utilization. This achieves the following:

  • Gives our clients the ability to offer a value added service of case support and education from a clinicians point of view (not sales). 
  • Frees up the sales representative's time to make new sales calls 
  • Increases utilization of products 
  • Reduces overhead cost by not having to hire an additional sales headcount
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How did Clinical Search Group become the #1 placement agency in the US for these positions?

Over ten years ago, we identified an unmet need in the market. We discovered that most medical sales recruiters did not actively maintain a data base of clinicians to fill these important roles.

To solve this problem, Clinical Search Group established a goal to build the largest database of clinicians in the United States. We achieved this goal by accumulating over 12,000 clinical resumes and have been recognized as the #1 placement firm in the United States on our national sales network, First Interview.

Whether you are a clinician looking for a job within industry, or a client looking to fill a clinical specialist opening, Clinical Search Group has the expertise and knowledge to help you.

Our jobs on average are filled within 45 days!

Clinical Specialist Careers

CLINICAL SEARCH GROUP maintains the largest data base of clinicians for the following specialties:

If you would like to supplement your sales effort in a cost effective way, contact us for a free consultation.